SNAPCHAT Special Collection: SNAPspiration

This collection has been crowd-sourced from the caring community of people on Snapchat!

Included in the collection are 60 individual cards with different sayings/quotes on each card.  They were selected and tagged as members of Snapchat. Their Snapchat @HANDLE is on the card, so you can follow them and watch their stories! *You must download the Snapchat app to view.

Have fun with your cards, hand them out and make face-to-face connections with real people! If you capture the delivery of a card, be sure to #Snapitforward we will feature you on our site and shout you out very loudly! 

Please click the share button and tell your friends about this very special SNAPspiration collection!

A % of each tin we sell also helps our Benefit Corporation (Say it International) give back to local communities and special events/charities. 

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