Say it forward-Social Good in a Social Way

Say it forward-Social Good in a Social Way

You and I know that in today's society there is a disconnect, with all the negativity on television, the internet and in our daily lives.  We are missing out on making true face-to-face connections with others. 

Say it forward + Co has touched  50,000 lives with a simple concept called Say it forward.  Sandra and her daughters "crowd-source" messages from people around the globe and then use those messages on cards they create! 

The trademarked Say it forward cards have become a precious tool to make those connections.  Stopping people in their tracks, witnessing big smiles and sprinkling a little positivity. Just what the world needs right?

We invite you to join us so we have created a 2/pack sampling for you.   Keep a card and give one away to a stranger, a friend or someone that needs you to make their day!

Your purchase of $2 gets you 2 cards and a chance to win. Each month we will select a random winner and give away cool prizes!  All you have to do is write your favorite quote or saying on the card you receive.  Then post it on social media for social good!  Your quote will come to life and also might be part of the next collection of cards.  


Be sure to use our trademark hashtag #SAYITFORWARD 

Peace and Positivity,
Sandra, Steph and Allie