#ThrivewithMe today!

Being positive starts with feeling good about yourself.


On March 1, 2017 I decided that I was tired of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds over and over again.  I had discomfort in my knees and back.  I was not sleeping soundly.  Every day I had that foggy brain thing going on.   By the afternoon  I wanted a nap.  Drinking lots of coffee, did not help. 

I had nervous energy and could NOT stay focussed.  

The last straw was when my biggest size clothes were too tight.  I refused to buy a bigger size!  

I needed a change.  I needed something.

Finally my daughter (who was Thriving) told me one day "mom you should Thrive with me!"

I was a total skeptic,  not about Thrive, but about the whole MLM thing. I thought it was another scam!  When I researched the company Le-Vel and watched Youtube videos of people telling stories about their Thrive Experience I was shocked. 

The truth was,  I witnessed my daughters life changing right in front of me!  She was energetic, eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, and always HAPPY.  She also gave up drinking coffee and energy drinks, and hardly any trips for fast food!

She was Thriving and then became a Promoter.  One day she showed me a USA today and there is was... Le-Vel right next to Uber and Etsy for the top companies to work for!  

I jumped on board and started my Thrive Experience, and by the end of week one I felt like my life was now in HD!  My energy and focus was 100% better than ever!  I was sleeping soundly and waking up without an alarm.  Making better food choices, walking more, drinking water by the gallons.  I was hooked!  I took my measurements and hung up a pair of tight pants that I looked at everyday.  After several weeks I tried those pants on and they zipped up!  I was losing inches and pounds.  By mid April I clicked the "Become a promoter" button, and the rest is history!  I am now telling everyone about this life changing 1-2-3 easy steps that I call my "Nutritional Boost!" 

I hope you're inspired or at least CURIOUS, that is the first step!

Feel free to take a look at my site for Le-Vel/Thrive #THRIVEwithME

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