Scooty Says ..."30 Ways to Say it forward"

  1. Give one to a friend or family member
  2. Leave one with your tip 
  3. Use it as a gift tag
  4. Use it as a bookmark
  5. Stick it on a cupcake
  6. Give one to your teacher
  7. Stick one in a Birthday card
  8. Give it to someone at a drive up window
  9. Leave one on a Car
  10. Leave one on a Bar
  11. Leave one on the Train
  12. Leave one on the Plane
  13. Use it as a team building game
  14. Use it at a party favor
  15. Use the cards at dinner, instead of checking your phone 
  16. Leave them on the door of your college roomates
  17. Leave one in a locker at school
  18. Leave one on a bathroom stall
  19. Give one to the cashier
  20. Leave one in a coffee shop
  21. Give one to your Hairdresser
  22. Give one to your Boss
  23. Give one to your Doctor
  24. Give one to your Dentist
  25. Give them to all the office workers
  26. Use them as a gift
  27. Slip one in when you pay a bill by mail
  28. Leave one in your sisters lunch
  29. Give them to all your classmates
  30. Give one to a stranger

          Keep them for yourself!

There are so many ways to use Say it forward Cards, we would love to know what you do with yours?
Please Say it Social and use #sayitforward to show us!
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