Unleash the power of PAWsitivity with Scooty the Dog! 
   WOOF WOOF.. I'm Scooty {the DOG}  a white mini-schnauzer and the beloved pet to a family that knows how to Inspire!
   As a young puppy I was pretty yappy and a bit over the top. My favorite thing to do was tear apart toys and eat the stuffing,  I did it so much I got really sick and almost died in surgery. Thank Goodness I survived. Now I am 6.. more mature, and still a little yappy!  I love attention, getting belly rubs and sitting on laps is my favorite thing to do!
  Me and my human mama {Sandra} have become a certified Pet Partners team and I have joined Say it International as their only canine employee I am proud to BARK that I am an official Therapy Dog, and loving it!  It is what I am meant to do:)
  We make visits weekly wherever my leash leads us.  Nursing Homes, Schools, Hospice, Hospitals and Prisons are just a few on our list.
  Spreading Positivity Face-to-Face is our Social Mission at Say it International.  
Our "Service" calls are aimed at improving lives through PAWsitive human-animal interactions
  On our visits we love to connect to people face-to-face by handing them a Say it forward card and then collecting quotes and positive words from them to use in what we create.  
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