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 Say it with Sandra!

Today using LIVE video in your business should be the
first thing on your list of things to do!
Not because the stats that tell you video is where it's at.   
You should GO LIVE for you, and what you believe in. 
There is no one else like you!
"Your message and what you have to say really matters." -Sandra 





Listen to what Melissa had to say.





















 Need a speaker? 

Sandra Centorino is a Professional Speaker who makes visits to schools, civic groups, and corporations. She teaches people how to be positive, stay positive and spread positive. Her interactive keynote speech Heroes Don't Look Like They Used To is a crowd favorite!

The Say it forward Workshop: Sandra teaches her audience how important it is to use the power of positivity through their own words!  Her workshop is an interactive session which uses Say it forward Post-its to cause face-to-face connections, leaving everyone with a smile on their face ready to cause positive disruptions! 

For more information please call (860) 490-9181