Say it forward Press Release-October 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        Contact: Sandra Centorino
October 1, 2013                                                            C: 860 490-9181
Say it forward creators unleash the power of PAWsitivity with launch of new website
Connecticut family creates sharable, positive messages delivered by a dog
Cheshire, Ct – Say it forward creators today unleashed the power of PAWsitivity with the
 launch of a new website . The new website is fun, interactive and filled with
 inspiring source quotes and sayings from famous world leaders to everyday people.
Sandra Centorino and her daughters Steph and Allie were tired of the constant negative messaging
 online and in the media.  This concern combined with lack of face-to-face or genuine human
 connection inspired them to create and print cards that had positive sayings on them. Their idea to
 personally hand out positivity began within their small circle of family and friends. A light bulb went
 off when one day at a coffee shop, they handed a card to a perfect stranger, and after reading the
 message she looked up with tears in her eyes and said “that card made my day.”
The Centorino’s realized they were on to something and started to hand out more cards while
 encouraging the recipients to pass on their cards to others. These exchanges generated personal
 connections unavailable in cyberspace or via text and confirmed that theirSay it forward idea was
 not just a card but a movement.   “People will always have something to say and what they say
 matters to us”, said Centorino.   These quotes have now become the core of a product that people can
 share and love.
The Centorino’s mission now is to inspire people and stimulate more positivity in the world it’s what
they love to do. In addition to Sandra, Steph and Allie, their dog Scooty, a certified Therapy Dog, is
also part of their team.  
Say it forward + Co. will make service calls with Scooty, to hand out their cards.   The Centorino’s say,
their goal, after a comforting visit, is to is to leave each person with a smile on their face, and a
PAWsitive Message in their heart. “The response to Say it forward has been overwhelmingly
exciting”, says Sandra.  Say it Forward cards are now available through the company’s online shop
and website their products are packaged in decorative boxes and jars and
range from $5 to $29.
“Our products may not change the entire world, but they will change someone’s world,” said Sandra Centorino.  
Sandra, Steph and Allie own and operate Say it forward + Co. A Social Enterprise based in
Cheshire, Ct. that is dedicated to raising both public and financial support to its partner charities. TBA
For more information please visit: To watch the Say it forward Movement
Say it Social #sayitforward