#ListenUP - a dose of positive energy!


**Audio Series Began December 2, 2017-Spoken by Sandra Centorino 

Let yourself dream.

How to be compassionate


 Name 5 Positive Traits you possess.

 Focus on this moment!

Try this simple 1 2 3 Meditation

This Holiday, make it about your Presence, not the presents!


Don't settle for less.


Dear Steph, Sally and Joan Fillipone “A teacher affects eternity, she can never tell where influence stops”

Get off the highway!

Let someone help you.


The Pizza.

The dog walker.

Life is an exercise program.

Accept the applause.

Never dim your light.

Got an attitude?

One thing.

Seek clarity.

You can do anything, but NOT everything.

No matter what anyone says, it can be done. #ListenUp

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

What matters most.

Make Peace

One Note.

The story of life