Say it forward® begins with me. #Sayitforward begins with You!

Did you know that this all started when I was walking my dog Scooty?

Our business is not like any other.  

Say it forward® + Co. dba Say it International is a registered benefit corporation whose mission is to include a way to impact the community. 

Sandra and her daughters Steph & Allie have created a way to "Give backit's called Say it forward® 

***When you work with us a percentage of our service/product revenue will benefit The Say it forward movement. Our promise is to spread positivity worldwide. Using the power of our words to make someone smile, make their day and even impact their life!



Say it forward






Meet Sally Shah, 3rd Grade Teacher and hear about how she used our Say it forward® Post-its to fill her school with positivity and kindness! Each student became a Positive Disruptor!





Our Big Event took place on November 1-13th 2017


Our WHY  

We wake every day to cause positive disruptions and teach others to do the same.  

We believe that together we can make the world a brighter one.



Say it forward ® is a movement created by Sandra and her daughters. Their dream is to spread positivity and kindness around the world. They've created a collection of products that are fun and interactive helping people make face-to-face connections.

Say it forward products include: Post-it Notes, Cubes, Cards , Tee-shirts, Mugs and more!

The idea is simple, it's like Pay it forward but with YOUR WORDS!  

Join the Movement Now 

Download the #SAYITFORWARDselfie Poster


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Post-it Notes, Cubes, and Cards!


 Send us a virtual quote and it will become a card!