Making a face to face connection can change a life.

by Sandra Centorino June 28, 2014

On a sunny day last Spring I stopped inside Dunkin Donuts to pick up a few coffees, rather than the lazy Drive-thru window.  As I walked up to the counter there was a
young girl who looked up and asked me for my order. Then as I was waiting I listened to her speaking to her co-worker telling her how bad her life was that day, she seemed very down and depressed.  
 As I picked up the tray I handed her and her co-worker the last 2 Say it forward cards I had with me and said "here I have a few cards for both of you,  they are
positive messages."  
Then I walked out without catching the reaction.  I was hoping the cards were inspiring and maybe caused a smile, but I figured I would never know. 
Just a few hours later my daughter Allie texted me from College.  The text read "mom were you at Dunkin's today? ... look at this” (Allie saw the card on her Instagram
feed)  it was the card I handed the girl!
The girl  took a pic of the card I gave her and posted it on Instagram! This is what she said:  " Look what a random customer gave me today, it made me smile"  
 This gesture taught me that not only was it important to give her an inspirational message on a card, but the way it was done. Say it forward cards personally spark a connection and it's Face to face. #sayitforward


In Kindness, Sandra

Sandra Centorino
Sandra Centorino


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