In with a spark..out on fire 2016.

by Sandra Centorino January 02, 2017


In with a spark…out on fire 2016.

Help us spread wildfire on January 13, 2017 on International #Snapitforward Day!


In January of 2016 I was sitting at the kitchen table when I told my daughter Allie I that downloaded the Snapchat app.  She responded “oh no, not Snapchat, you took Facebook and Instagram from me you cannot go on Snapchat mom.”  To which I replied, “It’s too late,  I have been telling stories and meeting wonderful people from around the globe on Snapchat.”  In just a few weeks there were hundreds of people watching and engaging with my stories and I with theirs I told her.   She almost spit her coffee out and thought, why not?  “Our business is all about causing positive disruptions” she said  “why don’t you start a movement and ask people do good and share it on Snapchat, you can call it Snap it forward!”


It was then I decided that one of my goals in 2016 would be to teach others on social media that the little acts of kindness they do need to be shared with the world in a big loud way!


The spark began. On an app called Snapchat, you know the one that teens use to send crazy pictures and videos to their friends.  That one.  Now,  there I found myself,  a 54 year old woman trying to make the world a little brighter and asking my friends on Snapchat for help.  I had a vision of caring people using social media for social good and making it spread.  Why not start snapping and see where it goes?


It started to spread like wildfire when my friends on Snapchat decided to join me and tell their stories using the #Snapitforward hashtag!  There was Kristy Gillentine who handed out sandwiches to some homeless folks in Austin Texas and Joanne Krall of Boston that offered great reviews to the local businesses she loved on Yelp!   From Connecticut to California to New York  and Texas, to Canada and England and Australia and the Philippines.  The growing army of  Snapchatters were spreading the fire of kindness and positivity!


When was the last time someone stopped you in your tracks, made you smile, or even took your breath away?  That my friends,  is called a positive disruption and you can be a positive disruptor by joining us in our mission to Snap it forward. 


The  #Snapitforward movement is spreading on Instagram and Facebook and on January 13, 2017 we will be on Facebook LIVE for four hours as we share stories of kindness and positivity with each other from around the world!


Be sure to join the Event page on Facebook click>  International #Snapitforward Day!


Peace & Positivity,







Sandra Centorino
Sandra Centorino


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