You've always had it my dear.

November 17, 2015

As Glinda once told Dorothy, "You've always had it my dear",  why look for your heart's desire when it's right in front of you...
Just when we think we know it all, the doubt sometimes creeps in. We know what we do and how we do it, that's easy.  Most of you know that I am the Co-Founder and CEO of my own business called Say it International.  We specialize in causing Positive Disruptions and helping people bring their words to life and shine online. What started as a product based business, has evolved into a 3 tier global mission to help women in business with one on one teachings and online courses. The company also does public speaking teaching people how to stay positive and spread positive in the workplace. This didn't happen over night...
I would like to share my "yellow brick road" with you and hope it will show you that you also "have it" too!
It took so much courage to admit I was missing something.  When a few friends asked me last year, Sandra "Why" do you do what you do? " I was confused, I thought I knew but I couldn't put it into words.  
Now for the brain, after talking to friends, mentors, and meditating about it.  I even went back to the 6th grade and remembered my teacher saying Sandra "You've got it" your classmates love your energy and you're a true leader and fun to be around. Though sometimes I got into trouble when I chatted too much..I remember that too!
One bright sunny day on the road  I looked up and heard my Glinda whispering , you wake everyday to inspire and teach others by infusing them with energy, giving them a boost and helping them bring their words to life. It was then that I knew WHY I do what I do. I could feel it in my heart.
My message to you is this; when we free our mind of doubt and believe in our truest self, we become what we believe. 
...a little bit  courage, a few brains helping me, and a lot of love for what I do. That might be the end of the yellow brick road but just the beginning of unleashing what I knew I always had!
Peace & Positivity,

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