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November 03, 2015

Start each day setting an intention.

Last year I attended a womens conference where we all wrote letters to our "future self" I actually set 6 six intentions and wrote them out as a list.  Several weeks ago in the mail I received that letter.  As I tore it open and started to read it,  I realized it was from me.  I vaguely remembered writing it.  What was most inspiring was #6, the long shot.  This was what it said: "Produce videos that inspire people worldwide" as I set this intention my thought was that they would be Youtube videos that would catch on and go viral touching millions of lives!  We all see them on television and on the internet right? Why couldn't  I dream big and set this as my intention, so I did!  
As I read the letter a few times I got the chills, the Universe answered me , as #6 the long shot was actually happening. 
Over the past two months most of you know I have been hosting my own live stream broadcast on a platform called Blab.  Take a look at Blab
I have hosted over 30 broadcasts connecting to over 1000 followers from around the globe.  Yes, worldwide!  It might not be Youtube, but intention #6 has come to life big time!  I have connected to like minded entrepreneurs, collaborated with others in joint ventures, and even re-launched and sold our Say it forward Cards, in fact we sold out of the first run in a week!
Why am I telling you this story?
I encouraged you to start your day every day on a positive note by setting intentions.
I have created something to help you, it's called "My Intention Tracker"...
Here is the link for your freebie >>IntentionTracker

You will see great things happening and be inspired daily!  When you set an intention and you then watch it play out in your life, now that's pretty cool!

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