Let's talk about the Smile!

September 20, 2015


Let's talk about the smile
All of us own a smile.  My mom tells me I was born smiling, I think I was trying to talk!  Giving a smile away is one of the most precious things we can give. A smile is infectious and laughter is said to be the best medicine. 

I'm convinced that "the smile" is the universal symbol for positivity.  Let me tell you a story about how my smile made an instant connection.  

As you all know I have been live streaming for my business, last week while conducting a show on "Stories that Inspire" a young man entered our segment.  At first I noticed, his name was so long I could not pronounce it, we figured that he was from Turkey!   I observed that he wasn't saying anything.  It was then that I offered him a huge smile and it got his attention. He then smiled back, I could see when he smiled that he understood I was communicating with him with the only thing I could use! 

When he smiled back at me, this instantly made my day. I smiled back and it kept going!

Sandra's SAYS...Smile!

There is an old saying that a good smile "warms hearts and opens doors."
A smile is one of the first things that others see about us. It's one of the things that make the first impression of you in the minds of others.
A warm expression can make you appear much more approachable and friendly.
A smile is an effective icebreaker.
A smile can be contagious and may evoke a similar expression from the person you are meeting. **Even when the person cannot speak english!
"You never know how or when you might touch another life"
...make sure this time you use your Smile!
Peace & Positivity,

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