The Power of 3

by Sandra Centorino September 06, 2015



The Power of 3 is my thing.  I love to do things in 3's.  During the last year we have been working on re-branding our company Say it International.  When the process began I asked myself what 3 words describe me and my brand.  The first words that came to mind were Fun, Creative and Energetic.  The 3 words that have described me since childhood.  The words have become my mantra, and in turn have become my mission in business! Knowing and living the 3 words makes it easy to know WHY I do what I do.   What about you? 

This week I encourage you to choose 3 words.  Make a sign, hang it somewhere you can see it everyday.  When your day begins read the 3 words out loud.   Make the 3 words your mantra and and watch what happens in your day, your business and your life! 

Peace & Positivity,


Sandra Centorino
Sandra Centorino


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