Lessons learned from a Sweet Southern gal, no-bullshit Britisher, Friendly Irish Guy

by Sandra Centorino August 23, 2015

Hello Everyone!  

A few weeks ago my message was how to "connect to your tribe" in an instant.  I mentioned a few new apps/platforms called Periscope and Blab.  

This week was "Live stream Madness" for me and I'm inspired  to share with you the lessons I learned from a sweet southern gal, a no bull-shit Britisher and a friendly Irish guy! 

The Sweet Southern gal- KIM GARST
On Thursday I was humbled to speak live on Blab with @KimGarst. We Blabbed about how to make true connections online by being you.  Kim, the CEO of Boom Social, is one of the Top 10 Forbes Women in Social Media Influencers and the author of Will the Real You Please Stand Up.

What I learned:
Kim taught me that "quitting" is not an option. She told me it took her 5 years to make her first $60.00, and that her 3 words that she lives by are Blessed, Possible and Authentic. We had so many laughs and got to know each other.  I had been "lurking" around following her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for about a year!  **I am so happy I asked her to Blab with me live, and she said YES. 

The no bullshit Britisher- MARK SHAW
On Friday I was overjoyed to chat with @MarkShaw. I have been following Mark's Periscope's for about 30 days.  While it's great to listen to him on Periscope, where he teaches his no bullshit approach to help us win on Social Media.  Blabbing LIVE is the "BOOM" (not bomb) as Mark says constantly!  Our topic for blabbing was "Community and CoBLABoration and feeling the love and power of others." Mark is the Chief of  #TAGTRIBES, a Periscope community that supports each other's mission.

What I learned: 
It's all about helping one another, supporting each other, and lifting each other up.  Mark is a GIVER and truly wants all of us to succeed.  He shared some personal stories about himself, the tough times he had,  being bankrupt, divorced and losing his parents 2 days apart.  Then he found his calling on Twitter! His personality is contagious and if we listen to him we will all BOOM in our business.  My favorite is his British accent and his no bullshit attitude!  

The friendly Irish Guy-IAN CLEARY
I have not met in an "official blab" yet with @IanCleary, but Ian's name was mentioned on my blab with Kim, (who loves him).  When I saw Ian blabbing on livestream the other night, of course I popped in!  It was an immediate warm & fuzzy feeling ! Ian is a "friendly Irish guy"... 100% a true gem!  He was so welcoming and I think he liked my Boston accent!? Ian is an award-winning blogger on Razor Social, and a Social Media tools guy as well as a speaker. 

What I learned:
Just jump in, if there is a seat, people want to hear your message!
In just a few days Ian has taught me to be friendly and encouraging to others. He has inspired me to share and be myself. It's all about relationships.  I have made so many connections through Ian in just a few days!

My wish for you is that you take away a little nugget or two from my friends.  This week I challenge you all to take a look at Live Stream both PERISCOPE AND BLAB!
 I am convinced it will  benefit you in what ever business you might be in!  

Peace & Positivity,

Sandra Centorino
Sandra Centorino


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