Take a break and find some creative inspiration.

by Sandra Centorino July 26, 2015

Summer a great time to take a break and look for inspiration.
Here are Sandra's 5 tips to get your creative inspiration!
1. Change the scenery- Your surroundings have a great impact on your business.  One day I simply moved my desk and faced another way.  I added a bookcase behind me and placed some positive sayings and upbeat fun items on it.  During my online chats my clients noticed. Changing the room, or even venturing out to your favorite coffee shop to change the scene helps me get creative inspiration.

2. Take a walk- Every day I walk.  It's easy for me because I have a dog! This weekend I combined the walk with a change of scenery.  My daughter and I ventured off to a local walking trail in our town.  It was fun, we had a long chat without looking at our phones and we left the dog home.  The creative was flowing,  a few ideas were brought to life. It was nice catching up with Allie too!

3. Try something new-If you feel stuck, bored or frustrated in your business, then it's time you tried something new.  Take a look at two of my online finds: Coursera and Skillshare   learning something new is a great way to start!  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and go find something new today!

4.  Be a kid- This is an easy one for me.  I teach women in business branding like a kid on the playground!  The playground is FUN, the key to being a kid is having fun and not caring what people think.   My mantra is:  It's fun not to be ordinary, today ordinary isn't good enough. 
If you combine the be a kid with try something new and/or change the scenery this would be something your customers and friends will remember! 

5.  Do something artsy- Do you like to "create" things?  Take a trip to a craft store and take on a little DIY project.  Look around, you might have supplies at home! 
Be artsy today, take in a movie, a concert in the park or maybe a random museum!

Sandra Centorino
Sandra Centorino


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