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When the power of calm is your only answer.

June 17, 2015

When the power of calm is your only answer.
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Life is full of stress and the best way to find your calm is through your breath. Your breath is a device and just needs to be powered on. 
This Too Shall Pass 
 It's a lot easier to hold on when you remember that time will move you through just about anything.
Wait and See For some of us, it's an automatic reflex. Something goes wrong and we immediately start throwing out statements like, "Now this (insert bad thing) is going to happen and that (insert bad thing) is going to happen." Pessimism is a bad habit. 
Being negative..Seriously!? NOT ME! I'm never stressed or negative. I am "Miss Positivity"...For the past few days I let stress and fear take a hold of me a little, and it sucked. 
I am human. Damn,  sometimes I forget. 
As most of you might have read on my Facebook page yesterday... my dear little dog Scooty had 4 seizures. This is unusual, although he has been prone to seizures since 2012 and has them every 5-7 months.  His last was early May,  so I was shocked to witness what took place yesterday. 
I was very stressed, scared and not feeling too positive (until I decided to write this blog). 
When I woke today (Sunday) I let my mind wander, feeling overwhelmed, thinking of what was going to happen on Monday.  I called my mom whose first reaction was "I will say the rosary for you, stay calm.." Then I called my friend G and asked for help.  She told me to breathe.  Then she made a step-by-step plan to keep me calm and focused, and stay in the now. I was embarrassed to tell her how I was feeling because I was stressed and weak, feeling the pessimism creep in.  I even cried a little. Then she reminded me ..."you're human."  Her call came just in time. "Snap out of it Sandra," I said to myself.  I powered on my calm... it was the only solution.
I chose to share this story, hoping that it could help someone else.
As I sit and type, Scooty is calm and resting off and on. Most of the day he was agitated and barking.  I found out it was a reaction to the Diazepam (valium) he took last night. 
Breathe, this too shall pass. I stayed calm today and will wait and see what happens Monday. Everything will be okay. 
Special thanks to my family, my mama, and my friends Barb and Trish. Also, a great BIG hug to my friend Gina and all of the Facebook love & prayers. 
Peace & Positivity,

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