Compliments are little gifts of love.

June 17, 2015

They are not asked for or forced.  They tell a person that they're worthy of praise. Compliments amplify positivity in the giver and the receiver. 

Sadly so many of us discount compliments.  Perhaps you can relate,
"Wow you look great today"

"Oh..but I feel so fat."

 "Hey you gave a great presentation..."

"Oh I just slapped some stuff together in a few minutes!"

Such answers suck the positive compliment out of the air and deflate the giver.

There is only one way to receive a compliment- graciously with a smile and thank you!

Compliments are one of the most extraordinary components of social life.

Whether you give or receive them,  compliments make you feel good.

Giving a compliment boosts the  self esteem of others, while improving your own karma. And when you receive a compliment you'll probably say to yourself...
that made my day!

Here are a few tips:
1.  Be Real- be sincere and truthful always!
2. Look for the extraordinary- keep your eye out for something someone          does really well!  Pick something that really stands out.
3. Choose the right compliment- when choosing a compliment go with                something that the person you are complimenting will really enjoy hearing. 
     This can help you develop a friendship.
4. Describe the effect someone has on you- people like hearing how they         affect others.  While praise is ultimately about the other person, they must of       had an affect on you to notice.
5. Don't wait for the perfect moment- sure, the timing of a compliment is        important.  But the perfect moment will never come. 
    Just let it happen naturally!
I had to try it out myself..
Today in church I sat next to a big family.  The young boy right next to me was about 10, he was so well behaved and had a cool pair of eyeglasses on! 
When Mass ended I turned to him (while his grandfather smiled and listened in) I said to him, "you were so well behaved, and by the way I love your glasses!"
He immediately said, "Thank You!" and his grandfather looked so proud.
How did I feel?  I felt really great, I can remember when my girls were young when someone took the time to compliment them, it was so thrilling to hear!
Take a moment this week to give a compliment or two!
Peace & Positivity,

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