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May 03, 2015

Shine ON...One call, One note, One video at a time.

(P.S. Read this to the end for a BIG surprise!) 


Every day I call my mom. I can't remember when this started, but my day wouldn't be the same without hearing her voice. We always have something to say!  My mom is a big influence in my life. It's funny, now we have caller ID and she actually answers "Hello Sandra!" For the past few months I have been making more calls to my family and friends. I have committed to One call per week. I reach out to someone I have not heard from in a very long time, a different person each week.  With the fast pace of the society we live in, the majority of communication is done via texting and email because it's quick and easy! However, I must admit, nothing beats picking up the phone and hearing from a friend or family member. You never know, you may say something that might be the only positive thing they hear that day.


When was the last time you received a handwritten note or card?  Back in the 80's when I was dating my husband that's all we did. Sent each other notes, cards and letters.  I even saved them all in a big box in my basement. After all these years, I  recently dug them out and read them with my daughters.  As I witness both girls texting constantly, I encourage them to send a note once in a while. It's the good old-fashioned way to communicate. Text messages get deleted, phones die out, but notes can be kept on a desk, or in a wallet, and be read at any time. 

Now for the fun... One video!  Remember when video cameras first came out?  I had one in the early 90's. My husband and I took "home movies."  Then it seemed like they changed the size every year, from VHS, to MiniDV, to DVD. Finally in 2007, Samsung was the first to add video to phones.  Now it's as easy as 1-2-3.  Everyone with a SmartPhone can capture a video, even edit, and produce a movie! I understand how you might say, "no way I hate seeing and hearing myself, I have nothing to say..." or "it's out of my comfort zone." All the more reason to do it!  Keep this in mind, if you knew that your video could make an impact on one person or more, maybe even thousands..  how would that make you feel?  Videos are fun, inspiring and forge connections. I have been making short video messages (at least One Video per week) and posting them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Videos allow me to share what I love and what inspires me, and to spread positivity and fun. 

The latest updates: I have branched out from my One call to mom and connected to so many old friends.  Having coffee meet ups and even a line dancing night! It is so wonderful catching up on a call, I can actually feel them smile at me through the phone when they hear my voice. For the past several months, I have been receiving notes myself!   Others have seen my post encouraging people to join my One Week campaign. These notes inspire me to continue sending One note per week, and reaching out to friends and family the old-fashioned way! My video creations have connected me to others around the globe, including Argentina. We actually hold a live video call once a month where students learn about positivity! 

Now for the BIG news-  My daughter Allie and I have created a 30 second One Week video!  Click below and watch it!

Please join us and spread the video to your friends and family. We believe that together we will help the world become a brighter One.

Peace & Positivity,



My Special Thanks to my talented 
daughter Allie for her amazing 
creation!  Hope you love it!


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