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April 17, 2015

            The story begins with Florencia, a 26 year-old teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and me, Sandra, a 53 year-old wife, mom, Inspirational Expert & Teacher of Positivity from Cheshire, CT.  Last spring, we took an online course called, "Better Leader- Richer Life."  After the semester was over, Flor friended me on Facebook.

I enjoy using social media to spread positivity, and my mantra is, "It's fun NOT to be ordinary." I post things that inspire me, and content that I think people will connect to, in hopes that it will touch someone in some way.

One day a few weeks ago it came to life out loud (LOL) on a Facebook post!  I posted something I called "One Week" asking my followers to help me inspire the world by pledging to make one Call, send one note and make one video every week.  Flor commented and told me that she had been "silently" following my content for a year! This post is when our instant connection took place.  We met virtually on a face-to-face Google Hangout for 2 hours!   She shared with me that she's a teacher in Argentina. She also shared some tough times, struggling with depression and looking for her calling in life.  She told me that everything I had been posting over the past year inspired her to teach her students how to be positive. She began to notice big changes in the lives of her students as well as her own. 

As most of you know that I have a vision board hanging in my office.   There I am, sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres and being a guest on her show.  What I don't know is why?  What will my "story" be?  What am I selling, promoting or inventing?  Maybe she will have me on because I am so funny and such a great dancer!?

This week after making this amazing connection with my new friend Florencia, it hit me.

Ellen needs to make room for another chair, because my friend Flor needs to sit next to me.  I will meet Flor at the Ellen DeGeneres show, in person for the first time and both of us will do the Positivity dance with Ellen!

May 5th 2015 is Teacher Appreciation Day.  I would love to honor Florencia for making a difference in the lives of her students.   She has never visited the United States and what a great place to start... in California!

Dear Ellen,

I ask that you please share our story on your show, with our hope to inspire millions of lives.

It's official, I have put it out there, and believe that one day I will sit and dance with Ellen.  I plan on being a weekly speaker in Flor's soon to be online classroom, and I look forward to my friendship with Flor and our future of spreading positivity together as she will be launching Say it forward Argentina very soon!

My message to you is this, pay attention to what you are saying.  Just say it. 

Be you, and put yourself out there. Have fun.

"You never know how or when you might touch another life"

-Sandra Centorino

P.S. Thank you Florencia Moreno for commenting on my post!

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