March 23, 2015

When Amy and Sandra inspired each other.

Women in picture above from left to right are members of New Haven BIG they are:

Jocelyn, Rose, Karen, Sandra, Rita, Nancy, Lisa, Kerry and my new friend Amy!


Let's get this energy party started!


This weeks Invitation for Inspiration is presented to you by two women entrepreneurs. One that teaches about positivity and hashtags and the other teaching how to declutter and design! Look what happens when they combine both.  #DECLUTTER



Hi! I'm Amy, the design intuitive, and I met Sandra at a talk she was giving on Instagram with her #hashtagyoureit spin.  I LOVE social media, I LOVE color and I am a clutter-clearing expert.  So as you can imagine, we hit it off immediately.  She was teaching about hashtags and something clicked about using #declutter as a new tag for my twitter & Instagram.  I shared with her my revelation and little did I know I planted a clutter-clearing seed in her.  She went home and WENT. TO. TOWN. clearing clutter in her office and then shouted from the rooftops how great she felt.  We thought it would be fun to share my secret to clearing clutter in 5 easy steps. 


When you clear clutter with intention, what you are really doing is setting the stage for something MORE in your life.  Something BIG.  Something that aligns with your purpose or mission.  Decluttering frees up more energy for you to focus on the tasks and goals that really mean something to you. Not to mention it just feels so damn good! -Like a breath of fresh air or that first sign of Spring, clearing clutter gets the energy party started. 

 Want to clear clutter right now? 

1. Have a clear intention that focuses on how you want to feel & write it down!

2. Start in an area you feel will impact you in the most positive way (start small- maybe it's a desktop that needs attention)

3. Take a before picture

4. Set the timer for 20 minutes on your smartphone. You'll be amazed at how far you get & how good you start to feel.  As a matter of fact, I challenge you to stop at 20 minutes

5. Stand back & take an after picture, spend some time soaking up the vibe of your newly cleared area. 

 Doesn't it feel good? 

I want to hear (and see) from you!  Post a picture on Instagram and tag me @designintuitive #Declutter

For more info: www.designintuitive.com

 What happened to Sandra after the BIG meeting ended?


       When I arrived home, I decided to start with my favorite room, my office.




 It's painted in my favorite color of course!


Let me tell you what that color means.



Turquoise is the color of communication, self-awareness and initiative.

This color will make you feel happy, for it combines the light blue of the sky with the invigorating green of the seas.

Imaginative, Motivated, Dynamic, Healing, Creativity, Innovation, Humanism, Prosperity, Awareness, Meditation, Intuition, LOVE.

My room is so sunny and bright all day, and my dog Scooty sits in the window behind me.  What else could I ask for right?

As I sit in the light, I realize I am really in the dark.

The darkness of "clutter."

Not only is my desk area flooded with files and piles of crap but my inbox and computer desktop is even worse!

When I met Amy last week we made an instant connection. As Amy and I shared some hashtag ideas for her business, the word #declutter came up in conversation.  

 Amy's words of wisdom inspired me to get organized. I began to "declutter" and after 20 minutes I felt like I had lost 10 pounds! I continued to clean and rearrange and it was such a rush! Pushing my desk, dusting the floors, re-arranging items and recycling some too!

Wow, I would never think that looking at my office from a different perspective would be so enlightening.  

My intention was to make my space organized and have a clear backdrop for my webchat sessions. My new backdrop is my wall of inspirational quotes, no more background of clutter.  I want the people I am webchatting with to see what I am all about, and Amy helped me find my vision. The dog in the window was just a cute touch huh? Take a look at the pics below!

Amy was planted in my meeting that day to tell me that I can better myself and get organized in only 20 minutes! Who doesn't have time for that? By #Decluttering I am now able to work in a room full of light, and I am opened up to so many more possibilities.  The bonus: I have a new friend, and inspiration, thank You Amy Mac!

Don't be left out!

Follow both Sandra and Amy on Instagram!

Sandra: @inspirationalexpert

Amy: @designintuitive

This is my wonderful new look, and look closely.. Scooty is on the couch, he blends in!

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