The Ideas Machine

March 16, 2015

Creativity is not a gift that only a select few of us inherit when we are born.  
Everyone has creative ability stored within,
and you never know what might bring yours out!
I will tell you  how I discovered my secret power as an Ideas Machine! >>I PUT ON MY CAPE!
I have always been a daydreamer, a doodler and a people watcher.
Fascinated by Social Media and helping others solve problems. My name Sandra actually means “helper of humanity.”
I come from a family of storytellers and I get a charge out of listening to others share their stories.
When people tell me their stories, it turns
     my creativity UP
     and my x-ray vision ON!
That’s when the Idea Machine clicks into full speed, causing me to see, hear and feel things.
How did this happen anyway?
Last Spring I got invited to attend a Woman’s Empowerment Meeting. I accepted and went out of curiosity and joined on the spot!
Being part of the group has allowed me to forge amazing connections; the meetings are a great place to share business ideas with others.
I spoke at a meeting last June, what a rush this was, finding a group of like-minded women, feeling empowered and sharing my gifts!
To my surprise, this is when some of my hidden talents started to surface. I always knew I was a sociable person. But what I didn't know was that all the social things I knew could help others.
People told me what they did, and in return I told them what I saw in them. “You say it, I see it.” Creativity was pouring out seamlessly. Almost like it was bottled up and I found out how to release it!
Before, during and after each of these meetings I was giving people ideas.
The women I met said things to me like, "Can you help me make an Instagram Account for my business?” "Can you teach me how to create an eye catching flyer for my events? I need to learn what you know! "Can I hire you?" The last comment was made by a woman named Sue who was the first client to pay me to speak at her event!  
I finally found my niche!
The people put in my path helped me realize that there is a need for me, and what I offer. My next step was to research and plan.
Using my Social Strengths and a hands-on attitude.  I met with with experts, including Professional Speakers, Public Relations Execs and Entrepreneurs. I attended conferences all over New England, listening to more professionals, and I participated in webinars.
I was a giant sponge soaking it all in. The last step was to connect all the dots and completing my business plan!
Take a look at my smartphone, it’s equipped with so many useful apps that I use on a daily basis.
I had become just like these apps updating and improving constantly, and my creativity was doing the same. This was inspiring and very FUN!
I discovered that for years I was on a mission, exploring my passions to start something. Never quite finding it. I was looking in all the wrong places. All my past experiences would now be stepping stones to what was about to happen.
I discovered a market, and people were lining up like they were waiting for the next release of the iphone!
The women were asking for my services and giving me opportunities to help them in their businesses. This made me humble and grateful.
 I always thought that social media, positivity, and inspiring others was just a hobby, but little did I know, I would make a business out of it! A Social Enterprise called Say it Social using my creativity to teach others and make their businesses shine online!
Put on your cape now and believe that YOU too can unleash your own secret powers!
"Find something in life that makes you get up in the morning, and keep doing that!"
I am Sandra, helper of humanity, I am the owner of Say it forward and Say it Social, I am a teacher and inspirational expert.    I am an ideas machine.



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