I'd like to thank the academy

February 22, 2015

What do you say Sandra? 
Thank you.

How do you feel when someone thanks you? 
Appreciated, Respected, Acknowledged, Admired

As I watched the Oscars tonight I must of heard the words "Thank you" thousands of times.

People spoke from the heart as they thanked, some off the cuff, some had notes some longer notes.  Some thanked too many people and the music started to play! 

Everyone started by thanking The "Academy." The place of study and training.  The place that made them what they are today in the film world.

My Academy is my home, my parents and the lessons I learned as a child. These same things that I carry on and teach our children.  When I was young I can remember my mom saying "what do you say Sandra?" A simple prompt to remind me that I need to thank someone for something kind that they did.  I learned as a child that a simple thank you was a huge sign of respect and appreciation.  
My parents were my Academy, this is why I was very touched by the first award presented to JK Simmons as he thanked his parents, and reminded us all of the simple things in life. 

"Call your mom, call your dad.  If your lucky enough to have parents on this planet, call them.
Don't text or email, call them on the phone and talk to them, and listen to them as long as they want to talk to you, thank you mom and dad"

I am blessed with two healthy, happy and inspiring parents Primo and Elena (85 and 81) there isn't a day gone by without calling my mom.  Most days my dad will grab the phone and say hello too. Most of the times he doesn't hear what I'm saying but that's ok. He ends his call with Tiamo Tanto, I love you in Italian.

So I would like to thank MY Academy..Thanks Mom and Dad for all that you did to make me what I am today. 

 I invite you all to thank your Academy as well.  It might be parents, siblings, friends, mentors.
Who will you thank?  
Don't text or email, call someone today.  You will be so happy you did.

Peace & Positivity,


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