The tire deflated, the stranger a breath of fresh air!

December 21, 2014

It was Sunday afternoon and my daughter Steph was working.  Steph works with children in the Autism spectrum, and on weekends she has private duty with a young girl named J.  They were driving from having J's haircut when they heard a loud jolt and then the car rolled into a nearby Gas Station.  Steph stayed calm, as she had no choice, J was sitting restlessly in the backseat as Steph called J's mom.  As people walked past no one even asked her if she needed help.  She sat with J and patiently waited for J's mom and boyfriend to come change the tire.  Then she looked up, there was a man.   Is someone helping you he asked Steph? Yes they're on their way.  The man insisted "I will teach you to change it."  As she watched on, he actually did all the work. The spare tire was done as her helped drove in!  She chatted with him briefly and told him about her friend J, and then thanked him for his help.  As Steph was about to pull away after chatting with J's mom. The man returned to her car after going into the station, and told her to roll down the window, as he smiled and handed her $100 bill and said why don't you and your friend find something nice to do together and spend this.  She was stunned , how could this man help with the tire and then hand her money? Who is he?  She will probably never know.  As the man drove away Steph walked over to J's mom and handed her the $100 and said this is for you.   J's family is in need, and Steph thought nothing of giving it away. Next weekend the 3 will shop and spend the money on clothes for J! 
Steph will not remember the tire being deflated, but will have the memory of the kind man who was a breath of fresh air!

Dear Steph, 

I am so proud that you gave the money to J's mom who is in need. 

To the man that helped my daughter : May you be blessed! Your unexpected kindness was so powerful! Happy Holidays to you and your family. 

Steph, Dad and I will be buying you 4 new tires! We love you and all that you do to bring happiness to others.  Keep up the good work!



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