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Sandra Centorino is one of the most creative, innovative and technically savvy entrepreneurs that I have ever known. She has more energy than a double espresso, and her brilliant ideas last even longer. She has much to give the world!

PS  I am a huge fan of Say it forward cards!  I use them in my business.

Kathy McAfee-America's Marketing Motivator Executive Presentation Coach, Professional Speaker, Global Difference Maker

My dear friend Sandra Centorino has been pushing me to do more on social media.
She of course is an expert on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat!  It’s amazing what she knows.  After months of talking to me about it, I finally pulled the trigger.
She made it so easy to understand.  I never knew there were so many emogis from which to choose.
Yes – there’s a lot to learn but she took me through it step by step.
Thanks so much. I hope to make you a proud coach and teacher.

Jocelyn Maminta-Journalist WTNH Connecticut

I highly recommend inviting Sandra Centorino into your workplace/office for her presentation on POSITIVITY! She is an excellent speaker and brings an element of FUN to the discussion. I enjoyed the group participation. Sandra reminded me how important it is to think and be positive and how a simple hello in the hallway can have an impact on someone's day. I will bring my Say it forward card home and tell my daughters about the presentation!

Michelle Kuck-Murtha Cullina Business and Finance Paralegal

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"The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe"   -Simon Sinek

17 On-The-Rise Snapchatters To Know in 2017 by Chris Strub

Sandra Centorino, the self-proclaimed ‘Positivity Queen,’ is the purest definition of a doer. Having had the pleasure of chatting a few times with Sandra over the phone, I leave each conversation feeling totally inspired to work harder, smarter and with more urgency. Sandra Centorino is extremely goals-oriented, and every time you see her on Snapchat you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. If one day you miss your morning coffee, crank up 90 seconds of Sandra Centorino and trust me, you’ll be good.

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